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8 Tips for Having a Great Dinner Party – With Catering from Pagano’s Market and Bar

Pagano’s Market and Bar are ready to cater for your dinner party, so send out those invitations and prepare for an enjoyable evening with delicious food and good friends. Here are 8 tips to help you have a great dinner party!

1. Set the mood

Create some ambience by dimming the lights and using some candles instead. The candlelight will add some warmth and elegance to your dinner party. Set the table and use cloth napkins. To add to the décor, take inspiration from the season. Perhaps you can use seashells for summer, small pumpkins in the fall, evergreens in winter, and flowers for spring. Be creative!

2. Start strong

Pagano’s offers a variety of appetizers to tempt your guests’ palate and encourage conversation. For starters, try some of Pagano’s focaccia squares, sliders, or buffalo wings.

3. Enlist a good playlist

Don’t forget about music! Whether you’re going for mellow or upbeat, a dinner-party playlist should include songs that flow well into one another. Make sure that the music is at a suitable volume for the occasion.

4. Serve familiar foods for dinner

Pagano’s Executive Chef Paul Pagliaro will do the cooking, so that you can enjoy the party. Your guests will appreciate the home-style Italian entrees, which are served with fresh baked Italian bread. From Surf and Turf, to Chicken Rollitini, to cheese-filled Tortellini, there are plenty of great choices to pick from.

5. Don’t overlook your guests’ dietary needs

If your guests have certain food allergies or preferences, be sure to convey this to your Pagano’s manager so that the Chef can prepare the food accordingly.

6. Don’t stress over dessert

Pagano’s Slice of Heaven was voted “Best of Philly” for a reason. This assortment of fresh slices includes Classico, Harlequin, Italian Rum, Jewish Apple Cake, Chocolate Fudge, Chocolate Chip Cheesecake, Carrot, Tiramisu, and Dr. J. Cake.

7. Finish with a flourish

Once dinner is over, don’t rush your guests out the door! It’s time to relax, maybe with a cup of nationally acclaimed La Colombe. Pagano’s catering for dinner also offers a coffee service, tea service, and cold beverages packages.

8. Focus on your guests

Don’t rush to do the dishes. After the meal is finished, sit back, relax, and enjoy the wonderful diner party!
With Pagano’s Market and Bar catering for dinner, your dinner party is sure to succeed! Visit us in Commerce Square (20th and Market St) in Philadelphia!