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Deli Catering in Philadelphia Meets Millennials’ Criteria for Best Business

| Pagano's Market and Bar |

Pagano’s Market & Bar’s deli catering in Philadelphia offers an amazing variety of options for its business and private clients. Pagano’s fresh ingredients and diverse menu has allowed the business to meet the criteria that millennials are looking for in their dining experiences, according to a Technomic study. Technomic, a firm that conducts research for the restaurant industry, talked to people roughly ages 18 to 34 (the age group known as “millennials”) to find out what they value when choosing restaurants to visit. The study discovered that the most important requirements for the group were food quality, social responsibility, and community involvement, all of which were met with Pagano’s deli catering in Philadelphia.
Millennials care about food quality, according to the Technomic study. Quality food, however, should not be confused with food that is upscale, more expensive, or more “exotic” than Pagano’s deli specialties. In fact, Omni-Hotels and Resorts, a luxury hotelier with approximately fifty properties, recently released an article announcing that one of the biggest trends in dining today is “street food,” defined broadly as “food that can be eaten with your hands on the street”. Generally, diners are not looking for fancy food; they want food that makes them feel good, physically and emotionally. Deli-style food often evokes nostalgic memories of Mom packing your lunch. Pagano’s puts its signature on the product by using the highest quality ingredients to satisfy its customers.
Pagano’s has been committed to using the highest quality ingredients since its beginning as a Philadelphia cheese and meat shop. Pagano’s offers sandwich platters, hoagie platters, and Hot Deli platters featuring Italian meatballs, Italian sausage & peppers, Pagano’s world-famous Italian chicken cutlets, and let’s not forget Pagano’s hot roast pork! The deli platters allow customers to prepare their own sandwiches with the help of a wide variety of delicious meats, cheeses, and vegetables. There are two types of deli catering trays to choose from: the Traditional Deli Tray that encompasses all the favorites, including roasted turkey, ham, roast beef, and tuna with all the fixings; and the Premium Deli Tray that puts a spin on the classics, offering Cajun chicken, corned beef brisket, and a vegetarian option of grilled mixed veggies. Pagano’s has taken the classics and put a slight twist on it, attracting millennials to the eatery.
The second criterion that millennials look for in a restaurant is social responsibility. When choosing a dinner spot or deli catering in Philadelphia, they look for businesses that are interested in protecting the environment and treating workers fairly. Supporting a multigenerational, family-owned business like Pagano’s means supporting a local small business that has provided hundreds of young men and women throughout the city with the skills they need to find employment. Some of Pagano’s employees have been part of the family for over thirty years! Bigger does not always mean better, and Pagano’s Market & Bar allows diners to have a unique experience with each visit.
The third factor considered in choosing deli catering in Philadelphia is the restaurant’s community involvement. Pagano’s has also supported dozens of foundations, including the Magee Rehabilitation Hospital, Musicopia, The Gift Of Life Family House, Fallen Men and Women in the Line of Duty for the Police Department in the City of Philadelphia, and Heel The Burn Foundation, just to name a few! They also helped distribute food at the start of the pandemic, ensuring families had meals.
If you want to learn more about deli catering Philadelphia so you can plan your next event, please get in touch! Give us a call at 215-523-6200. Pagano’s Market & Bar is located at 2001 Market Street, Philadelphia.