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Philadelphia Craft Beer

| Pagano's Market and Bar |

Dating back 100 years, Philadelphia’s love affair with beer has resulted in its title as the greatest brewing city in the Western Hemisphere. It is said that the American Revolution took hold in Philadelphia taverns, where our Founding Fathers bickered over certain inalienable fundamental rights. Today, craft breweries continue to uphold the region’s reputation by brewing some of the world’s best beer and earning, among other notable designations, the recognition as one of the “The 5 Best Beer Cities in America” according to GQ.
It should be no surprise, then, that Maxim’s “favorite beer burg” is still bubbling over with new locations where beer lovers can sample local brews. Take, for instance, Pagano’s Market and Bar, known for their great variety of craft beers in Philadelphia. Unlike beers that are mass produced by large companies, craft beers are made from small, independent and traditional American craft breweries that spend more time focusing on the quality and taste of their beer. It is understandable, then, that craft beers would taste better when brewmasters choose their ingredients carefully and use them fresh. And with endless options of craft beer available, anybody can find a brew that they like.
Like those American craft breweries, Pagano’s Market and Bar may be small and independent, but they are looking to make a big statement with their traditional values and cuisine. Owner Matt Pagano is no stranger to providing great service. In celebrating 50 years of Pagano’s success, he “envisioned a gathering place where friends and colleagues could come together to enjoy a great meal with craft beer and nice wine”.  Located right in Center City, Pagano’s provides an exceptional environment where you can explore some of the finest craft beers in the Philadelphia region, with bar bites like their signature roasted honey BBQ wings and a bar with a number of large flat screen TVs. And did we mention their courtyard with a 20 x 17 foot TV screen?
Be sure to check for new craft beer selections as the seasons change. After all, craft beers are always in season and most local breweries tend to brew with seasonal ingredients in mind.
Stop by Pagano’s Market and Bar for an experience and atmosphere that you will not soon forget. For more information, call 215-523-6200. Book your happy hour or holiday parties now!