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Craft Beer Philadelphia, Served at Pagano’s Market

| Pagano's Market and Bar |

Pagano’s Market and Bar is known for serving the best variety of craft beers in Philadelphia. If you are like many, you can appreciate a quality selection of locally brewed beers right at your fingertips.

Pagano’s Market and Bar offers just this, with unique selections of craft beers. The bar, accompanied by the friendly staff, and delicious appetizers to accompany your perfect atmosphere for relaxation. Did we mention that Pagano’s is located right in Center City? Conveniently located in the newly renovated Commerce Square on the West Market side of Center City, why go anywhere else to explore some of the finest craft beers in the Philadelphia region? Pagano’s is located in the courtyard that has a 20 x 17 foot TV screen, built by the same company who built the one in Citizen’s Bank Park, to watch all the games.
Now let’s get the facts straight. According to the Brewer’s Association an American Craft brewer is small, independent and traditional. Craft beers provide unique, fresh options from the standard big names in the beer industry, providing refreshing, often exotic, tastes that the beer lover in you is just dying to explore. At Pagano’s, craft beer is something that truly speaks to the kind of food and services that they expect to provide to their clients. Pagano’s, like craft breweries, is a small, independently owned business, and do not forget about tradition…they have got plenty of it. Being in business since 1962, Pagano’s Market knows a thing or two about keeping up with tradition, which is why serving unique, American craft beers makes sense to owner and executive chef, Matt Pagano.
Pagano’s prides themselves on quality service and providing their customers with an experience unlike any other in the city. With a number of large flat screen TVs along with the various sleek and stylish seating areas at or around the bar, Pagano’s knows how to outdo any bar in Philadelphia. And did we mention that with their latest state of the art beer system each brew that the friendly bartenders serve to you will be icy cold, providing optimum tastes, and proving that Pagano’s serves up the best craft beers in Philadelphia.
Pagano’s Market and Bar wants you and your family/friends to truly unwind and enjoy yourself while experiencing all that their newly built bar has to offer. And again, did we mention that while relaxing you can choose from some of the tastiest appetizers in town? Including, gourmet sliders, stuffed mushrooms, scallops wrapped in bacon, and calamari, along with various other homemade selections. Why take your happy hour party anywhere else? Be sure to stop in and try Pagano’s selection of some of the most premier craft beers in Philadelphia, along with everything else that Pagano’s has to offer…you will not be disappointed, just ask some of our loyal customers. Call today at 215-523-6200 or just stop right in, Pagano’s is located at 2001 Market Street.