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Author: Pagano's Market and Bar

Philadelphia Events Catering

When it comes to hosting a catered event in Philadelphia, you will find that there are many, many companies that claim to be the best catering service in the area. However, you will also discover that Pagano’s Market & Bar, located conveniently in Market Street’s Commerce Square Complex, offers delicious food, extraordinary service, and affordable pricing for your special event.
Having great food selections for your catered event is one factor that you shouldn’t have to worry about. Choosing the right catering service to meet your needs allows you to focus on your guests and your special day. At Pagano’s, they gladly manage the catering aspect of your event, whether you are hosting a corporate event, community picnic, or a holiday party.
With over 60 years of experience, Pagano’s easily caters to most groups, whether there are 20 guests or 200. Pagano’s Executive Chef, Paul Pagliaro, specializes in using fresh ingredients to serve home-style cuisine, comfort food that appeals to everyone. Our selections are perfect for catering your next private event!
Choose from Pagano’s Signature Trays for Breakfast and Lunch, or pick from a delectable variety of entrees, pizza, salads, desserts, appetizers, and beverages to create the perfect banquet just for your event. All of Pagano’s entrees, including their authentic pasta selections, are served with two side dishes and freshly baked Italian Bread. Pagano’s also offers pizza with a variety of traditional and gourmet toppings, as well as an assortment of salads. In addition, Pagano’s presents dessert trays and custom cakes. There is no lack of variety of appetizers or beverage choices. Pagano’s also easily accommodates special requests.
This season, make your events even more special with events catering from Pagano’s Market & Bar in Philadelphia.

Philadelphia Craft Beer

Dating back 100 years, Philadelphia’s love affair with beer has resulted in its title as the greatest brewing city in the Western Hemisphere. It is said that the American Revolution took hold in Philadelphia taverns, where our Founding Fathers bickered over certain inalienable fundamental rights. Today, craft breweries continue to uphold the region’s reputation by brewing some of the world’s best beer and earning, among other notable designations, the recognition as one of the “The 5 Best Beer Cities in America” according to GQ.
It should be no surprise, then, that Maxim’s “favorite beer burg” is still bubbling over with new locations where beer lovers can sample local brews. Take, for instance, Pagano’s Market and Bar, known for their great variety of craft beers in Philadelphia. Unlike beers that are mass produced by large companies, craft beers are made from small, independent and traditional American craft breweries that spend more time focusing on the quality and taste of their beer. It is understandable, then, that craft beers would taste better when brewmasters choose their ingredients carefully and use them fresh. And with endless options of craft beer available, anybody can find a brew that they like.
Like those American craft breweries, Pagano’s Market and Bar may be small and independent, but they are looking to make a big statement with their traditional values and cuisine. Owner Matt Pagano is no stranger to providing great service. In celebrating 50 years of Pagano’s success, he “envisioned a gathering place where friends and colleagues could come together to enjoy a great meal with craft beer and nice wine”.  Located right in Center City, Pagano’s provides an exceptional environment where you can explore some of the finest craft beers in the Philadelphia region, with bar bites like their signature roasted honey BBQ wings and a bar with a number of large flat screen TVs. And did we mention their courtyard with a 20 x 17 foot TV screen?
Be sure to check for new craft beer selections as the seasons change. After all, craft beers are always in season and most local breweries tend to brew with seasonal ingredients in mind.
Stop by Pagano’s Market and Bar for an experience and atmosphere that you will not soon forget. For more information, call 215-523-6200. Book your happy hour or holiday parties now!

8 Tips for Having a Great Dinner Party – With Catering from Pagano’s Market and Bar

Pagano’s Market and Bar are ready to cater for your dinner party, so send out those invitations and prepare for an enjoyable evening with delicious food and good friends. Here are 8 tips to help you have a great dinner party!

1. Set the mood

Create some ambience by dimming the lights and using some candles instead. The candlelight will add some warmth and elegance to your dinner party. Set the table and use cloth napkins. To add to the décor, take inspiration from the season. Perhaps you can use seashells for summer, small pumpkins in the fall, evergreens in winter, and flowers for spring. Be creative!

2. Start strong

Pagano’s offers a variety of appetizers to tempt your guests’ palate and encourage conversation. For starters, try some of Pagano’s focaccia squares, sliders, or buffalo wings.

3. Enlist a good playlist

Don’t forget about music! Whether you’re going for mellow or upbeat, a dinner-party playlist should include songs that flow well into one another. Make sure that the music is at a suitable volume for the occasion.

4. Serve familiar foods for dinner

Pagano’s Executive Chef Paul Pagliaro will do the cooking, so that you can enjoy the party. Your guests will appreciate the home-style Italian entrees, which are served with fresh baked Italian bread. From Surf and Turf, to Chicken Rollitini, to cheese-filled Tortellini, there are plenty of great choices to pick from.

5. Don’t overlook your guests’ dietary needs

If your guests have certain food allergies or preferences, be sure to convey this to your Pagano’s manager so that the Chef can prepare the food accordingly.

6. Don’t stress over dessert

Pagano’s Slice of Heaven was voted “Best of Philly” for a reason. This assortment of fresh slices includes Classico, Harlequin, Italian Rum, Jewish Apple Cake, Chocolate Fudge, Chocolate Chip Cheesecake, Carrot, Tiramisu, and Dr. J. Cake.

7. Finish with a flourish

Once dinner is over, don’t rush your guests out the door! It’s time to relax, maybe with a cup of nationally acclaimed La Colombe. Pagano’s catering for dinner also offers a coffee service, tea service, and cold beverages packages.

8. Focus on your guests

Don’t rush to do the dishes. After the meal is finished, sit back, relax, and enjoy the wonderful diner party!
With Pagano’s Market and Bar catering for dinner, your dinner party is sure to succeed! Visit us in Commerce Square (20th and Market St) in Philadelphia!

Deli Catering in Philadelphia Meets Millennials’ Criteria for Best Business

Pagano’s Market & Bar’s deli catering in Philadelphia offers an amazing variety of options for its business and private clients. Pagano’s fresh ingredients and diverse menu has allowed the business to meet the criteria that millennials are looking for in their dining experiences, according to a Technomic study. Technomic, a firm that conducts research for the restaurant industry, talked to people roughly ages 18 to 34 (the age group known as “millennials”) to find out what they value when choosing restaurants to visit. The study discovered that the most important requirements for the group were food quality, social responsibility, and community involvement, all of which were met with Pagano’s deli catering in Philadelphia.
Millennials care about food quality, according to the Technomic study. Quality food, however, should not be confused with food that is upscale, more expensive, or more “exotic” than Pagano’s deli specialties. In fact, Omni-Hotels and Resorts, a luxury hotelier with approximately fifty properties, recently released an article announcing that one of the biggest trends in dining today is “street food,” defined broadly as “food that can be eaten with your hands on the street”. Generally, diners are not looking for fancy food; they want food that makes them feel good, physically and emotionally. Deli-style food often evokes nostalgic memories of Mom packing your lunch. Pagano’s puts its signature on the product by using the highest quality ingredients to satisfy its customers.
Pagano’s has been committed to using the highest quality ingredients since its beginning as a Philadelphia cheese and meat shop. Pagano’s offers sandwich platters, hoagie platters, and Hot Deli platters featuring Italian meatballs, Italian sausage & peppers, Pagano’s world-famous Italian chicken cutlets, and let’s not forget Pagano’s hot roast pork! The deli platters allow customers to prepare their own sandwiches with the help of a wide variety of delicious meats, cheeses, and vegetables. There are two types of deli catering trays to choose from: the Traditional Deli Tray that encompasses all the favorites, including roasted turkey, ham, roast beef, and tuna with all the fixings; and the Premium Deli Tray that puts a spin on the classics, offering Cajun chicken, corned beef brisket, and a vegetarian option of grilled mixed veggies. Pagano’s has taken the classics and put a slight twist on it, attracting millennials to the eatery.
The second criterion that millennials look for in a restaurant is social responsibility. When choosing a dinner spot or deli catering in Philadelphia, they look for businesses that are interested in protecting the environment and treating workers fairly. Supporting a multigenerational, family-owned business like Pagano’s means supporting a local small business that has provided hundreds of young men and women throughout the city with the skills they need to find employment. Some of Pagano’s employees have been part of the family for over thirty years! Bigger does not always mean better, and Pagano’s Market & Bar allows diners to have a unique experience with each visit.
The third factor considered in choosing deli catering in Philadelphia is the restaurant’s community involvement. Pagano’s has also supported dozens of foundations, including the Magee Rehabilitation Hospital, Musicopia, The Gift Of Life Family House, Fallen Men and Women in the Line of Duty for the Police Department in the City of Philadelphia, and Heel The Burn Foundation, just to name a few! They also helped distribute food at the start of the pandemic, ensuring families had meals.
If you want to learn more about deli catering Philadelphia so you can plan your next event, please get in touch! Give us a call at 215-523-6200. Pagano’s Market & Bar is located at 2001 Market Street, Philadelphia.

Craft Beer Philadelphia, Served at Pagano’s Market

Pagano’s Market and Bar is known for serving the best variety of craft beers in Philadelphia. If you are like many, you can appreciate a quality selection of locally brewed beers right at your fingertips.

Pagano’s Market and Bar offers just this, with unique selections of craft beers. The bar, accompanied by the friendly staff, and delicious appetizers to accompany your perfect atmosphere for relaxation. Did we mention that Pagano’s is located right in Center City? Conveniently located in the newly renovated Commerce Square on the West Market side of Center City, why go anywhere else to explore some of the finest craft beers in the Philadelphia region? Pagano’s is located in the courtyard that has a 20 x 17 foot TV screen, built by the same company who built the one in Citizen’s Bank Park, to watch all the games.
Now let’s get the facts straight. According to the Brewer’s Association an American Craft brewer is small, independent and traditional. Craft beers provide unique, fresh options from the standard big names in the beer industry, providing refreshing, often exotic, tastes that the beer lover in you is just dying to explore. At Pagano’s, craft beer is something that truly speaks to the kind of food and services that they expect to provide to their clients. Pagano’s, like craft breweries, is a small, independently owned business, and do not forget about tradition…they have got plenty of it. Being in business since 1962, Pagano’s Market knows a thing or two about keeping up with tradition, which is why serving unique, American craft beers makes sense to owner and executive chef, Matt Pagano.
Pagano’s prides themselves on quality service and providing their customers with an experience unlike any other in the city. With a number of large flat screen TVs along with the various sleek and stylish seating areas at or around the bar, Pagano’s knows how to outdo any bar in Philadelphia. And did we mention that with their latest state of the art beer system each brew that the friendly bartenders serve to you will be icy cold, providing optimum tastes, and proving that Pagano’s serves up the best craft beers in Philadelphia.
Pagano’s Market and Bar wants you and your family/friends to truly unwind and enjoy yourself while experiencing all that their newly built bar has to offer. And again, did we mention that while relaxing you can choose from some of the tastiest appetizers in town? Including, gourmet sliders, stuffed mushrooms, scallops wrapped in bacon, and calamari, along with various other homemade selections. Why take your happy hour party anywhere else? Be sure to stop in and try Pagano’s selection of some of the most premier craft beers in Philadelphia, along with everything else that Pagano’s has to offer…you will not be disappointed, just ask some of our loyal customers. Call today at 215-523-6200 or just stop right in, Pagano’s is located at 2001 Market Street.

Enjoy a Craft Beer in Philadelphia

For 50 years, Pagano’s served Philadelphians with home-style cuisine made with fresh, quality ingredients. Then in 2012, restaurateur Matt Pagano thought of adding a bar to Pagano’s Market. He “envisioned a gathering place where friends and colleagues could come together to enjoy a great meal with craft beer and nice wine”. This led to the grand opening of the new Pagano’s Market & Bar on December 3, 2012. Located in Center City Philadelphia, Pagano’s became the newest addition to America’s Best Beer-Drinking City.
Philadelphia has been known for its brewing history, diversity, and craft beer. In fact, Philly Beer Week was established in 2008 to highlight this region’s breweries, restaurants, and beer culture. It is the largest beer celebration in America. According to the, more than 35,000 people participated – in just its second year!
Be sure to stop in at Pagano’s for their daily selection of beers and grab some bar bites – whether you’re in the mood for nachos, burgers, or pizza, Pagano’s has great selections.
Stop in to try their newest beers: Flying Dog Doggie Style, Lagunitas Litre Sumpin Sumpin, Stiger Radler Grapefruit, Tripel Karmeliet, Left Hand Good JuJu, and Sam Adams Summer. Other brands of craft beer they have include Troegs, Allagash, Un-Earthly, and Goose Island Endless IPA.
Check for new beers every week! Pagano’s chooses their craft beers based what their customers like, as well as seasonal favorites. Pagano’s is conveniently located at 2 Commerce Square, 2001 Market Street, Philadelphia, PA 19103.

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