Corporate Catering in Philadelphia an Alternative to Restaurants

Corporate catering in Philadelphia may get a boost if reports are true that U.S. citizens are eating out at restaurants less. In an October 2013 article on the Orlando Sentinel’s website, the news source reported that many are bringing a lunch to work with them or eating at home to avoid eating out in restaurants to save money and eat more healthy foods. When workers do not bring a lunch or eat at home, they are choosing grocery stores that provide prepackaged foods rather than restaurants. Most important to the grocery store shoppers are the stores’ healthy options, light meal offerings, and good prices, says the article. This trend could bode well for corporate catering in Philadelphia, because corporate caterers offer the easily accessible and conveniently packaged foods that consumers desire. Pagano’s catering allows businesses to choose light and healthy options and allow their employees to work through lunch with either in-restaurant or in-office business meetings.

Sandra Pedicini’s article, “Local Restaurants,” summarized above appeared on the Orlando Sentinel’s website this month. Quoting a restaurant industry analyst, the reporter states, “It is fact that retail prepared foods are taking visits away from restaurants… but there is also significant opportunity for foodservice operators to meet consumers’ needs for prepared foods.” While the restaurant industry analyst may be referring to the restaurants’ abilities to offer prepared foods that will be efficient for workers to pick up on their lunch breaks, Pagano’s offers healthy alternatives for lunch time meals. Pagano’s corporate catering in Philadelphia allows coworkers to enjoy healthy meals while maximizing time and minimizing waste.

Pagano’s Market & Bar specializes in corporate catering in Philadelphia, and offers products and services that match consumers’ needs for healthy, quality food that is also cost effective. Pagano’s offers catering for breakfast and lunch, with entrées available for dinner. While Pagano’s dinners feature some of the classic Italian pasta dishes, the caterers also offer lighter options at each mealtime. For example, a light lunch from Pagano’s catering menu might be their “President” level boxed lunch that includes a choice of sandwich, side salad, fresh fruit cup, a homemade cookie, and a beverage. The boxed lunches offer a balanced meal to keep employees feeling energized, while also having that convenience factor. With the boxed packaging, meals can be distributed quickly and easily and it makes for an easier clean up too. Other healthy and satisfying meal options from Pagano’s include their roasted pepper, egg, and cheese breakfast wraps and their entrée of broiled Flounder stuffed with spinach and peppers in a white wine garlic sauce.

Although the most recent article on catering industry news from the Orlando Sentinel said that people are eating out less at restaurants today, other news sources refute that finding. For example, an article on USA Today’s website reported that in May 2013 Americans were giving up their previously frugal lifestyle in favor of eating out more. The article stated that there was a $200 million seasonally-adjusted increase in eating and drinking sales in April 2013 from the previous high in December 2012 according to the U.S. Census Bureau. The author did, however, write that when asked, 49% of adults would like to eat out in restaurants more than they currently are. Overall, the piece suggested that while some citizens are returning to restaurants, they still are not going at the rate they wish they were financially able to, which leaves an opportunity for catering to satisfy customers’ needs.


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