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Corporate Catering Planning Tips from Pagano’s in Philadelphia

If you are planning an office meeting or a business event in Philadelphia, Pagano’s Market and Bar offers an extensive catering menu with breakfast, lunch, and dinner options. Make an inquiry here. A manager at Pagano’s will call to confirm the details and ensure that everything will be in place. After coordinating countless corporate catering events, Pagano’s has a few expert tips that may help you for your next event.

1. Know Your Budget
Don’t hesitate to clarify your budget with the caterer. Pagano’s managers can help make suggestions on menu items and cost cutting alternatives that will keep you and your company happy.

2. Get an Accurate Headcount
Getting an accurate headcount before you order and checking for allergies or dietary needs will minimize problems later on.

3. Think of the Demographics
Who will be at your event? Pagano’s offers a wide array of different types of food so that you can accommodate your guests, whether they include families, health conscious individuals, or those of a religious background that does not allow certain menu items. For example, Pagano’s has a kid’s menu that includes cheeseburger sliders with macaroni and cheese and homemade chicken fingers with BBQ Sauce and honey mustard.

4. Focus on the Goal of the Event
Keep in mind what the the goal of your event is, and reflect on which food items will further that goal. If you are boosting your team’s morale, the foods you choose may differ from what you serve when you launch a new product, or when you thank your best employees or customers after reaching a milestone.

5. Consider Your Beverages
Are alcoholic beverages suitable for your event? If your corporate culture and policy, as well as the event, allows for alcohol, it is imperative that you plan ahead. Will you need to arrange for designated drivers or cab services? Pagano’s offers several non-alcoholic beverage packages that may best accommodate your event and food, including coffees, teas, and assorted sodas and waters.

6. Relax!
After you place an order with Pagano’s Market and Bar, you can rest easy knowing that the food will be delicious, and the event will go smoothly. If you have any questions or would like to place a corporate catering order, call Pagano’s at 215-523-6200.