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Philadelphia, Pa. April 22, 2013- Pagano’s Market and Bar, at Commerce Square in Center City Philadelphia, is excited to open their outdoor dining area, which Philadelphia locals can enjoy as the temperatures begin to warm up. As Pagano’s Market and Bar continues to grow, they have also launched a new website, http://paganosmarketandbar.com/, as a way to better display the market’s various features. Since the addition of Pagano’s bar, the market is now the only deli/bar in the City of Brotherly Love. As a way to promote the market’s new changes, Pagano’s is excited to launch their new website. Mixing the tradition of a family-owned business, while evolving for a new set of customers, Pagano’s Market and Bar, at Commerce Square in Center City Philadelphia, provides quality, fresh selections daily. With a second location, The Sporting Club at The Bellevue, owner, Matt Pagano, is expanding the Pagano’s name, while keeping the traditions that his father instilled since the opening of the very first Pagano’s in 1962.

“Pagano’s Market and Bar is a true staple in Center City. By mixing traditional foods with the ever-changing menu options, Pagano’s caters to foodies’ every desire. With the opening of the new bar, your after-work cocktails can be complimented by their mouth-watering appetizers. There is truly no better place to be for authentic, quality food then Pagano’s, whether for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or an after-work treat.” –Client/Reviewer

About Pagano’s Market and Bar, at Commerce Square in Center City Philadelphia:
Pagano’s Market and Bar was established in 1962, initially with the name, “Pagano’s Prime Meats”. With the changing times, Pagano’s expanded their focus, including providing their customers with exotic cheese selections, salads, coffees, and fresh baked goods. Although there have been many Pagano’s locations since its birth, the quality of the food, as well as the customer service has gone unchanged. Matt Pagano has inherited the acute business skills of his father by blending the traditions passed down to him, while adding modern flair to Pagano’s Market and Bar. While innovation is a key attribute to any successful company, Pagano’s has taken the lead in creating a thriving deli, market, bar, and catering business for Philadelphia locals to enjoy. While location is also key in any business, Pagano’s Market and Bar offers relaxing outdoor dining right in Center City, giving their clients another chance to enjoy the warmer weather, while taking a load off after work and enjoying much needed time with friends and family. Family is a vital component in Pagano’s success, which is why Matt Pagano emphasizes his desire to create a dining and cocktail outing experience in which his clients will feel right at home.

For more information about the outdoor dining area that has recently opened at the Center City Philadelphia location, call Pagano’s Market and Bar to speak with Matt Pagano or another friendly staff member at, 215-523-6200.



Market Hours:
Monday – Friday
6:30am – 6pm

Bar Hours:
Monday – Friday
11am – 9pm


2 Commerce Square
2001 Market Street,
Philadelphia, PA 19103

Phone: 215-523-6200
Fax: 215-523-6210