Philadelphia Events Catering

When it comes to hosting a catered event in Philadelphia, you will find that there are many, many companies that claim to be the best catering service in the area. However, you will also discover that Pagano’s Market & Bar, located conveniently in Market Street’s Commerce Square Complex, offers delicious food, extraordinary service, and affordable pricing for your special event. Having great food selections for your catered event is one factor that you shouldn’t have to worry about. Choosing the right catering service to meet your needs allows you to focus on your guests and your special day. At Pagano’s, they[...]

Philadelphia Craft Beer

Dating back 100 years, Philadelphia’s love affair with beer has resulted in its title as the greatest brewing city in the Western Hemisphere. It is said that the American Revolution took hold in Philadelphia taverns, where our Founding Fathers bickered over certain inalienable fundamental rights. Today, craft breweries continue to uphold the region’s reputation by brewing some of the world’s best beer and earning, among other notable designations, the recognition as one of the “The 5 Best Beer Cities in America” according to GQ. It should be no surprise, then, that Maxim’s “favorite beer burg” is still bubbling over with new[...]

Corporate Catering in Philadelphia an Alternative to Restaurants

Corporate catering in Philadelphia may get a boost if reports are true that U.S. citizens are eating out at restaurants less. In an October 2013 article on the Orlando Sentinel’s website, the news source reported that many are bringing a lunch to work with them or eating at home to avoid eating out in restaurants to save money and eat more healthy foods. When workers do not bring a lunch or eat at home, they are choosing grocery stores that provide prepackaged foods rather than restaurants. Most important to the grocery store shoppers are the stores’ healthy options, light meal[...]


Market Hours:
Monday – Friday
6:30am – 6pm

Bar Hours:
Monday – Friday
11am – 9pm


2 Commerce Square
2001 Market Street,
Philadelphia, PA 19103

Phone: 215-523-6200
Fax: 215-523-6210